Vendor returns

You can create a return merchandise purchase order (PO RM) to return an inventory product from a Storeroom warehouse to the vendor. You might return inventory products because you received incorrect or damaged products. This type of return is not initiated by a customer return.

See Returns for instructions on returning product that was issued.

You can return both distributor-owned and Bill on Receipt (BOR) products to the vendor.

See Returning a Bill on Receipt inventory product to the vendor.

For most distributor-owned available products, the return quantity is moved from distributor Available to distributor Unavailable when you create the PO RM. If you return these types of products, you must manually move the product to distributor Unavailable after you create the PO RM but before you receive it:

  • Lot-controlled products
  • Serial-controlled products that are assigned serial numbers during receiving

See Moving product into unavailable inventory.

To return an inventory product that is already unavailable, move it to available inventory before you create the vendor return. Otherwise, additional available product is moved to unavailable inventory.

After you create the PO RM, you must receive it in Storeroom to complete the return and remove the product from unavailable inventory.

You can view transaction information and product availability in both Storeroom and Distribution SX.e.

See Inquiring on Storeroom orders and Inquiring on product availability.