Importing count data

Use these instructions to upload and edit a CSV file, and then import it into Storeroom. You can upload counts against a single cycle count run multiple times, but the run must be an active cycle count run in Storeroom.

  1. To export a run:
    1. In Storeroom, select Cycle Count > Count Entry.
    2. Specify the Run #. This number is included on the count sheets.
    3. On the grid, select Grid Settings > Export to Excel.
    4. Edit the file to reflect the required format and header names.
    5. Save the file to a local directory.
  2. Perform the count. Record the counted quantity in the CSV file.
  3. To import your counts:
    1. Select Cycle Count > Count Entry.
    2. Specify the Run #.
    3. Click Import.

      The Import button is not available if you have selected a completed run.

    4. Specify the Import File.
    5. Click Read and Validate File.
      The cycle count header and data tables are created and maintained in the import file until you save the validated data to the run.