Returning products to the vendor

You can also create a purchase order return (PO RM) in Purchase Order Entry in Distribution SX.e.

  1. In Storeroom, select Receipts > Purchase Order Returns.
  2. Search for the purchase order containing the product to return, and then open it.
    Note: When you use the Order Date and Receipt Date filters, the results that are displayed are from the specified date to the current date.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Specify a return reason and unavailable reason.
  5. On the line for the product to return, specify the quantity to return in the Return field.
  6. Click Submit, and take note of the PO RM # that is displayed.
  7. If the product is a BOR product, invoice the OE RM if it was not invoiced automatically.
  8. If the product was assigned a lot number or a serial number at receiving, select Inventory Movement > Move to Unavailable to move the product into unavailable inventory.

    Specify the same unavailable reason that you used when you created the PO RM.

    If the product is a BOR product, select Distributor as the inventory type.

    See Moving product into unavailable inventory.