Inquiring on product availability in Distribution SX.e

  1. In Distribution SX.e, select Product > Inquiry > Product Availability.
  2. Specify a product and a warehouse, and then click Search.

    The Product tab opens. Current and future availability is displayed, including Customer On Hand and Customer On Order amounts.

  3. To display quantities for all consigned warehouses:
    1. Click Warehouse Availability.
    2. Specify Managed in the Warehouse Type field.
    3. To limit the display of products within a specific warehouse group, specify the group from the Warehouse Group field.
    4. Click Filter.
  4. Select Product > Inquiry > Product.
  5. Specify the product number and warehouse, and then click Search.
  6. To view customer costs and balances, click General view and then click Balances in the General Details section.
  7. To view the control numbers for serial- or lot-controlled products in the specified warehouse, click Serial or Lot in the General Details section. Other information, such as status, product availability, and product cost, is also displayed.