Shipping a warehouse transfer in Storeroom

Use these instructions to ship a warehouse transfer from one Storeroom-managed warehouse to another. The warehouse transfer must be in the ordered or picked stage.

  1. Select Receipts > Receiving > WT Ship/Receive.
  2. Optionally, specify the From Warehouse.
  3. Specify the To Warehouse and the WT #.

    If you use the lookup to select a warehouse transfer, the From Warehouse and To Warehouse fields are updated with the values from the warehouse transfer.

  4. To auto-ship all lines on the warehouse transfer as complete without reviewing each line and verifying the shipped quantity, click Ship as Complete.

    To auto-ship and receive all lines as complete, click Ship/Receive as Complete. This option is only available if auto-receiving is allowed for the receiving warehouse.

    Note: You cannot auto-receive warehouse transfers that contain serial- or lot-controlled products.
  5. To process an individual line, update the fields. Indicate if the product requires inspection or should be received as unavailable, and if so, select the unavailable reason. Take note of these conditions when processing individual lines:
    • In each line, the Shipped and Received fields are updated with the ordered quantity amount. Accept the default shipped quantity, or specify the actual quantity shipped in the Shipped field.
    • If you ship lot-controlled product, you must specify lot numbers and quantities. If you ship serial-controlled product that is assigned serial numbers during receiving, you must specify a serial number for each product.
    • If the line meets these conditions, a back order is created for the difference when you submit the warehouse transfer:
      • You specify a shipped quantity that is less than the ordered quantity.
      • You do not mark the line as complete.
    • If the line meets these conditions, a back order is created for the ordered amount:
      • You do not update the shipped quantity on a line.
      • You do not mark the line as complete.
    • The received quantity cannot be updated if the warehouse is set up for auto-receiving. It is updated automatically when you complete the transfer to equal the shipped quantity.
  6. After all lines are completed, click Submit.