Receiving a warehouse transfer in a Storeroom warehouse

Use these instructions to receive transfers in Storeroom Receipts. Warehouse personnel receive and put away the stock from the other warehouse and update the warehouse transfer by specifying the quantity received in Storeroom Receipts.

You can receive warehouse transfers from warehouses that are not Storeroom-managed. The warehouses that are available in the From Warehouse lookup are based on Product Warehouse Description Setup records in Distribution SX.e.

  1. In Storeroom, select Receipts > Receiving > WT Ship/Receive.
  2. Optionally, specify the From Warehouse.
  3. Specify the To Warehouse and the WT #. The transfer must be in Shipped stage.
    Note: When you select a transfer in the WT# field, the From Warehouse field is updated with the value from the warehouse transfer.
  4. If you receive all quantities that were ordered, click Receive as Complete if none of the lines meet these conditions:
    • Received as unavailable
    • Require inspection
    • Require serial or lot numbers

    When you click Receive as Complete, the Comp option selected on each line. Go to the last step.

  5. To receive a line, specify the quantity received in the Received field.
  6. Optionally, select these options:
    Select this option to require an inspection of this product before receiving is complete and Distribution SX.e is updated. You should select this option if Unavail is also selected.
    Select this option to receive this line item as unavailable. You must also specify an unavailable reason in the Reason field. If the product is a serial- or lot-controlled and you want to receive a portion of the line item as unavailable, only specify the unavailable reason.
    Select this option if this line is complete. Optionally, select this option if all quantities are not received but you want to close the transfer when you click Submit.
  7. To assign control numbers to a serial-controlled product:
    1. Click Serials.
    2. Select or specify serial numbers for each product.

      Accept the serial numbers listed. If serial numbers are not provided, click New to specify a serial number for each product. Optionally, specify the bin location and include a comment. Select Unavailable to receive the product as unavailable.

    3. Click Accept after you entered the expected amount.
  8. To assign control numbers to a lot-controlled product:
    1. Click Lots.
    2. Select or specify lot numbers for each product.

      If displayed, accept the lot numbers and the quantity listed, or click New to specify different lot numbers and quantities. Delete the lot numbers you do not want to use. Optionally, specify the bin location, unavailable quantity, and open date.

    3. Click Accept after you entered the expected amount.
  9. After you are done receiving lines, click Submit.

    If these conditions are met, the warehouse transfer is closed and the warehouse transfer stage in Distribution SX.e is updated to Stage 6 Received.

    • You clicked Receive as Complete.
    • You selected Comp on each line
    • All amounts that were ordered were received

    You can verify the stage in Transfer Inquiry.