Creating work orders with the KP Entry Recommended Work Orders Report

  1. Select Kit Production > Entry > KPE Reports > Recommended Work Orders.
  2. Create a new stored or new one-time report.
  3. Specify the report and printing information, and then click Next.
  4. On the Range page, specify the Storeroom-managed warehouse in the beginning and ending Whse range, and then click Next.
  5. Specify this information:
    (R)eport Only or (C)reate Work Orders

    Specify R to generate a report of the word orders for review only.

    Specify C to create work orders.

    Initials of User

    Specify the user’s initials that are attached to the work orders.

    This value corresponds to the Created By field in KP Work Order Center Entry.

    Print Usage History?
    Select Yes to include usage history in the report.
    Process Only Specials?
    Select Yes to process prebuilt kit records that are related to sales or transfer special orders. If you set up prebuilt kits that contain sub-assembly kit components as order-as-needed products, work orders are automatically created and tied if demand exists.
    Print “Do Not Reorder” Products?
    Select Yes to include On Hand information about DNR kit products on the report. Recommendations for kit disassembly may be included.
  6. Click Save.