Recovery billing

You can use recovery billing to bill your customers for distributor-owned inventory in Storeroom-managed warehouses that has not been issued within a specified time period.

In Distribution SX.e, you identify the products that qualify for recovery in Product Storeroom Recovery Inquiry. You then create a recovery quote order for the products you want to recovery bill.

Note: Each quote order for a warehouse can contain up to 998 lines. Additional quote orders are created if this limit is exceeded.

After you review the quote, you can convert it to a stock order in Sales Order Entry. The status of the sales order automatically changes to Shipped. When the recovery order is invoiced, the customer On Hand balance for each recovered product is updated, and the customer’s average cost is recalculated.

If inventory that is selected for recovery is issued before you convert the quote, an adjustment is made to the quantity, based on current available balances. If the quantity available is zero, the line is not included on the stock order.

You can cancel quote orders in Sales Order Entry. If a Cancel Date is specified on the quote, you can also run Sales Entry Processing Cancel/Convert Orders Report.

If you have an agreement with a customer to recover slow-moving stock, we recommend that you review your distributor-owned products for recovery monthly.

To create recovery quote orders, you must have security level 3 for Product Storeroom Recovery Inquiry on your SA Operator Setup record.