Rapid Issue Entry

Rapid Issue Entry is an optional workflow that reduces manual tabbing during issue entry. Use the workflow to add products to issues in rapid succession using a scanner.

When you scan a product, a line is created and the cursor moves to the Requested field. The default quantity of 1 is displayed. Press tab to validate the quantity and update the Issued field. Optionally, the back order dialog window can open. The cursor then returns to the Product field. You can scan an additional quantity of a previous line or a different product. When you scan an additional quantity of an existing line, the value in the Requested field increases by 1.

After you submit an issue, the screen refreshes to display a blank issue with the cursor in the Warehouse field.

You can also use the Rapid Issue Entry workflow for returns.

To use this workflow, these setups are required:

  • Activate the workflow.

    Click the Settings icon in the Storeroom banner, and then select Rapid Issue Entry.

  • Set the scanner to tab after a scan is performed.