Show Filter Row

Select Grid Settings > Show Filter Row to display a filter field and filter option for each column. You can use the arrow keys to navigate through the filter row fields.

Click the filter icon to the right of the field to select a different filter option. The filters that are available depend on the values in the column.

Storeroom does not support all filter options for values that are derived from the ERP database. Additionally, the filter option that is displayed might not function as expected. For example, when you create a record in Customer Product Setup, the Contains filter in the Product field lookup functions as a Starts With filter.

After selecting a filter option, specify one or more values in the corresponding field. If you specify multiple values, records that contain the values, regardless of the order in which you specified the values, are displayed. For example, if you specify filter replacement in a product description, results for products with a description that includes filter replacement or replacement filter are displayed.

To apply the filters, press Enter, or select Filter Menu > Run Filter. After the results are returned, you can apply additional filters. You can also click a column header to display the values in the column in ascending or descending order.