Validating and submitting an import file

  1. In Storeroom, select Receipts > Receiving > PO Receipt and then click Import.
  2. In the Active Imports list, click the drill down icon to open an imported file.

    A green check mark indicates a record with no errors. A red exclamation mark indicates a record with an error.

  3. Click the exclamation mark to view the errors and then make the corrections. If you do not want to import a line, select it and then click Delete to remove the line from the database.
    Note:  A line with a serial- or lot-controlled product contains an error. Click the Serials or Lots button to specify control numbers for lot-controlled products and serial-controlled products that are assigned serial numbers at receiving.
  4. To validate the lines, select one of these options:
    • Click Validate to validate the lines in the import file. Records that no longer have errors are indicated with a green check mark icon. The file remains in the database and is not submitted to Distribution SX.e. An imported record can remain an active import until you finished making changes and are ready to record the receipt against the purchase order. Click Submit Validated Data to submit previously validated lines.
    • Click Submit Validated Data validate and submit the lines in the file. Lines with no errors are submitted to Distribution SX.e and removed from the file. Records with errors remain.

      You can also click this option to submit previously validated lines.

  5. The Orders Created/Warnings window shows the orders that are created. Any limit validations that failed are described in the list below the orders.

    If additional records remain in the file due to unresolved errors, the Edit Details window opens. Otherwise, the Active Imports list open so you can review and validate any other active imports.