Permanent C products

Products that are always stocked and replenished by the customer are identified as permanent customer-owned or permanent C products. Permanent C products cannot be build-on-demand, prebuilt, or tally kit products.

Although you do not replenish or stock these products for the customer, you can track usage and make replenishment recommendations to your customer. The exception is if a customer-owned product can be transferred from another Storeroom warehouse.

A product is designated as permanent C in Product Warehouse Product Setup. These values must be selected:

  • Vendor in Type field in the Authorized Replenishment Path section on the General tab
  • Customer Owned in the Settings section on the Storeroom tab

After a product is designated as customer-owned, only customer balances are displayed in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Costs. The On hand quantity for distributor-owned product is not displayed.

When a sales order is created in Sales Order Entry for a customer-owned product, quantities are deducted from customer-owned balances only, and they cannot be backordered. You can transfer permanent C products from one Storeroom warehouse to another in Distribution SX.e. You can also manually move customer-owned products in the Adjustment function in Storeroom Inventory Movement.

See Reviewing availability in other warehouses.

Permanent C products are not permitted in these Distribution SX.e functions:

  • Purchase Order Entry: Entry of a purchase order for customer-owned products is not permitted.
  • Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report: Customer-owned products are skipped when determining recommended order quantities.
  • Purchase Demand Center Entry: Customer-owned products cannot be added to an existing Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report.
  • Sales Order Entry: Sales of customer-owned products are supplied from C inventory only. Permanent C products cannot be entered on a distributor-owned order line. C lines cannot be backordered.
  • Transfer Entry: These transfers are not permitted:

    • Transfer of product that is not permanent C in the shipping warehouse to a warehouse where the product is permanent C.
    • Transfer of a permanent C product in a Storeroom-managed warehouse to a warehouse that is not Storeroom-managed.