Nonstock products

You can enter a nonstock product on a Storeroom issue. Nonstocks are products that are not maintained in a Storeroom warehouse or as regular distributor-owned inventory.

When you enter a nonstock on an issue, it results in a back order. You can source a nonstock from a vendor or another warehouse by creating purchase order (PO) or warehouse transfer (WT). The PO or WT is tied to the sales order.

See Back orders and Sourced products.

If you do not source a nonstock, it is included on a Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report as part of the standard Distribution SX.e replenishment process.

The back order is created when the original sales order reaches the appropriate stage. The stage is specified for the company using the Create OE Back Order At Stage field in SA Administrator Options in Distribution SX.e. Back orders are usually created at Stage 2-Picked or Stage 3-Shipped. After the back order is created, it is displayed in the Back Order function in Issues and Returns. After the nonstocks are received in Storeroom, you must manually fill the back order. The customer is invoiced after the nonstock are received.

The promise date, origination date, and approval date are required values for a nonstock. The default value for the promise date is the same as the promise date in the header, but you can change it. The default value for the origination and approval dates is the current date.

See Requested Ship Date and Promise Date.

If you create a WT to source the nonstock, the Storeroom Warehouse Transfer Authorized Replenishment Path Warehouse in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom is the default sourcing warehouse. If you have the correct security, you can change the default sourcing warehouse. In the From Warehouse lookup, the available warehouses that can source the nonstock product are displayed. This includes Storeroom-managed warehouses and non-Storeroom-managed warehouses. If an ARP warehouse is not defined for WTs, the Create WT option in the nonstock entry section is not available.

Entry of nonstocks must be permitted for the warehouse that issues the product and the customer or ship to. Your administrator must enable nonstock entry on the warehouse record in Storeroom and on customer and ship to records in Distribution SX.e. Your administrator can also set an amount limit for nonstock transactions for each Storeroom department. The limit applies to each transaction.