Receive as unavailable

Before products are received, you can require an inspection to ensure that they meet your requirements before making them available in the Storeroom warehouse. If Receive as Unavailable is selected in Product Warehouse Product Setup, the product is automatically received as unavailable. A reason of Inspection is assigned to the receipt amount.

Products that are flagged as Receive as Unavailable are automatically made unavailable when they are processed in Purchase Receipt of Inventory Entry or Transfer Receipt of Inventory Entry. You cannot change the unavailable status. When the product is received in the Storeroom, you must select an unavailable reason.

After the product is inspected, you can take one of these actions:

  • Approve it and move it to available inventory
  • Return it to your vendor on a purchase order return

See Inspecting and releasing unavailable products.

You can designate product as unavailable during receiving, even if Receive as Unavailable is not selected. Select Unavail, and then specify an unavailable reason. To specify more than one unavailable reason per line item, you must perform a partial receipt.

If you receive serial- or lot-controlled products that are not flagged as receive as unavailable, you can specify an amount to receive as unavailable. To receive only a portion of the line item as unavailable, specify the unavailable reason at the line level but do not select Unavail. Then, select the unavailable option for individual serial-controlled products in the Serials grid, or specify the unavailable quantity for lots in the Lots grid.