Required user records

To access Storeroom in the cloud, you must have a user record in Infor Ming.le that enables you to sign in to Storeroom. To access a company in Storeroom, the company must be identified on your Infor Ming.le record as an accounting entity. To access a customer in Storeroom, the customer number must be specified on your Storeroom user record.

Your system administrator sets up and maintains Infor Ming.le user records. Storeroom user records are automatically provisioned, based on the Infor Ming.le user records, and are maintained by your system administrator.

Optionally, the system administrator can create a Storeroom employee record for you. It is associated with your user record, based on the email address that you use to access Infor Ming.le. On the employee record, you can be identified as an employee of the distributor.

Note: To view the distributor costs for products in functions throughout Storeroom, your employee record must be active, and you must be identified as an employee of the distributor.