Nonstock prices

You can click Retrieve Price to calculate the price of the product, which is based on the product cost and PD Pricing Setup records in Distribution SX.e. The nonstock information from Storeroom is sent to Distribution SX.e through an API call and is used to find pricing records. The standard Distribution SX.e hierarchy for pricing is used to determine which pricing record to apply.

The values are used to find pricing records:

  • Price type from the customer record
  • Vendor and Product Line from the nonstock line item

    If you specify a vendor, you must also specify a product line to retrieve the correct price.

  • Product category from the Non-Stock Product Category field in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom

    If a nonstock product category is not set up for the warehouse, the product category for nonstocks from SA Administrator Options-Products-Defaults is used.