Storeroom issue information on sales orders

Header- and line-specific information from a Storeroom issue that does not directly correspond to a field on a sales order is added to the sales order as a note or comment.

This header-specific information is added to the sales order header as a note and is stored in an internal header note record. You can view the note in the Global note category in the Notes context application in Infor Ming.le.

  • Employee information
  • Project
  • Work Order #
  • Machine
  • Customer PO #
  • Information from user-defined fields

This line-specific information is stored in an internal line record. You can view the information in the Comments section in the Line Details tab in Sales Order Inquiry.

  • Charge #
  • Department
  • Machine
  • Customer’s GL number
  • Last Price Paid
  • Approve Date
  • Promise Date
  • Information from user-defined fields

The information from both the header and line records is printed with the order on the Sales Order Master List Report. User-defined fields, at the header and line level, are included on the report even if they are not required or do not contain a value.