Sending out a regrind product for repair

This information is added to the Regrind Out order header as a note and stored in an internal header note record:

  • Employee information such as ID, Name, and Department
  • Project
  • Work Order #
  • Machine #

This information is added to an internal line record:

  • Taxable flag
  • Department
  • Customer’s GL number
  • Notes and comments specific to the transaction line items

The information from both records is printed with the order on the Sales Order Master List Report.

  1. In Storeroom, select Inventory Movement > Regrind.
  2. Specify the warehouse.
  3. Optionally, change the promise date. The current date is the default value.
    Note: The promise date that you specify here is also loaded on each line if Allow Req/Prom Date Entry On Lines For Non JIT Orders in SA Administrator Options-Documents-Sales Order-Entry Settings is selected.
  4. Click New, and then specify the regrind product.
  5. If labor is associated with this regrind product, specify the labor product if the Labor Product field is blank.
    If a labor product is specified on the Product Warehouse Product Setup record for the regrind product, that labor product is displayed by default. If you select a labor product from the lookup, you must select a labor product that is in the same warehouse as the regrind product.
  6. If the product is refurbished by a third-party, specify a vendor number to create a purchase order in Distribution SX.e.
  7. Specify the quantity to be refurbished.
  8. Specify a GL account number for this transaction.
  9. Optionally, specify a charge number, if available.
  10. Confirm the taxability of the labor product.

    Clear the Taxable option if it is selected, and you have confirmed that the product should be non-taxable. You cannot select this option if it is clear and the customer or ship to has non-taxable status.

    See Taxable status of products.

  11. Click Submit.