Working with toolbar controls

This table shows the toolbar controls you can use to create, maintain, and delete records, and perform functions such as submitting transactions to Distribution SX.e.



New. Click to access a transaction entry window or record entry window to create a new record.

Edit. Click to make changes to an existing record.

Delete. Click to delete the selected record.

Back. Click to return to the previous window.

Cancel. Click to return to the previous window.

Accept. Click to accept entry of serial and lot numbers.

Notes. Click to attach a note to a transaction.

Comments. Click to attach a comment to a line on a transaction.

Submit. Click to submit the transaction.

Note: You cannot press Enter to submit a transaction.

Save. In Count Entry, click to save validated data to a run when importing a CSV file.

Import. Click to import a list of records into an entry function.

Print PO. Select on order in the Maintenance or Back Order function and then click this button to print purchase orders that are tied to sales orders.

Approve. Click to approve transactions in Approval functions in Inventory Movement.

Reject. Click to reject transaction in Approval functions in Inventory Movement.

Refresh. Click to update the information on a page, such as the information in a grid.