Receiving is performed in Storeroom Receipts. This function initiates the Purchase Receipt of Inventory Entry or Transfer Receipt of Inventory Entry process in Distribution SX.e, and automatically performs the final update.

If Fill Back Order is selected in the Action to take on Completion of Receiving field in SA Administrator Options, the Sales Entry Processing Back Order Fill Report runs. The Allocation/Fill Report and Receipts Report print in the Storeroom warehouse. If a back order is filled by the receiving process, the back order is automatically shipped.

When you receive products in these functions, the unit of measure (UOM) from Distribution SX.e is displayed for each line:

  • PO Receipt
  • WT Ship/Receive
  • Customer Product Receipt

The UOM is converted to the Storeroom UOM after the products are received, based on Customer Product records. For example, the UOM for a product is each in Distribution SX.e and 3-pack in Storeroom. In the receiving function, a quantity of 12 each is displayed. After the product is received, the quantity is changed to 4.