Reprinting count sheets reprints

  1. Select Cycle Count > Reprint Count Sheets.
  2. Specify this information:
    Specify the warehouse where the count is to be performed.
    Run Number
    Specify the run number to reprint.
    Select All to include all products that are included in the count. Select Differences to include only those products whose actual quantity differed from the expected quantity.
    Count Sheet Printer
    Indicate where to send the count sheets. Specify a printer or an email address.
    Page Break on
    Select a value to print the count sheets with page breaks, based on the bin locations. The building, row, and section are the first three sections of the bin location ID. For example, a product that is assigned to bin location 01/02/002/004 is located in building 1, row 2, section 2, shelf 4.
    Select a value to verify lot quantities, serial numbers, or both.
    Part Number
    Select the part number to print on the count sheets. If you select Customer, the customer part number from the Product Extended Product Cross Reference Setup record is printed. If you select SX.e, the part number from Product Warehouse Product Setup is printed.
    Output to
    Indicate where to send the summary report. Specify a printer or an email address.
  3. Click Submit.