Force shipping

If product was missed during receiving or counting, the actual amount of a product in a Storeroom warehouse may be greater than the Storeroom or Distribution SX.e product balances. To resolve the imbalance, you can force ship, or over-issue, the full quantity on an issue.

When you request a quantity on an issue that is greater than the net available, you are asked to create a back order. Click No, and then specify an Issued amount that is equal to the Requested and then add the line. The available amount in Storeroom and Distribution SX.e will show a negative amount, which is the difference between the Requested/Issued amount and the previous net available. When you run the Sales Entry Processing Invoice Processing Report, a stock adjustment is made for the difference, and the Net Available balance in Product Warehouse Product Setup is set to zero. If the product is distributor-owned, the customer is billed for the adjustment.

Note: To force ship a quantity greater than available for a distributor-owned product, Qty Ship Override in OE must be selected for the Allow Quantity Shipped Override in OE field on your SA Operator Setup record. If you are a customer user, the setting must be selected on the sys operator’s SA Operator Setup record.