Setting up a pick ticket printer

If the Print Pick Ticket at Shipping option in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Extended is selected, this hierarchy is used to determine which printer is used for pick tickets:

  1. Printer that is specified on auto printing stored reports

    Pick tickets are printed automatically through an SX.API call after the issue is submitted or during cycle count entry. You can create an auto printing stored report for the Sales Entry Processing Pick Tickets Report and assign an @ stored report name to the report. Auto stored reports are warehouse-specific, so you must create a stored report to print pick tickets for each warehouse.

  2. Pick ticket printer that is specified in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Extended
  3. Storeroom printer that is specified in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom

    See Setting up a remote printer.

    Note: Do not use this printer to print custom pick tickets.

A user can print a pick ticket during issue entry before the order is submitted. The pick ticket is printed on a printer that is available through the web browser.

To set up a pick ticket printer:

  1. Select System Administrator > Setup > Printer.
  2. Create a record for the remote printer.
    See the printer manufacturer’s documentation for specific print code settings that must be applied.
  3. Select Product > Setup > Warehouse Description.
  4. Select the warehouse to assign the pick ticket printer.
  5. Click Extended.
  6. Select Print Pick Ticket at Shipping.
  7. Specify the remote printer in the Pick Ticket Printer field.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Select Sales > Entry > OEE Reports > OEEPP.
  10. Create an @ stored report.

    See the online help for information about auto printing stored reports.

    On the Run page, specify @PCKwhse in the Job Name/Number field, substituting whse with the actual Product Warehouse Description Setup name of the warehouse.

  11. Click Save.