Regrind and labor products

Regrind products can be sold or issued, used, and then returned to Storeroom for refurbishment. After refurbishing processes, such as sharpening, sanding, or washing, are performed on the regrind product, it is then received back into the Storeroom warehouse.

Regrind products can be distributor-owned or customer-owned, but are customer-owned when sent for refurbishing.

You must create a separate warehouse product record for a regrind product to differentiate it from the original product. The regrind product record is identical to the original product record except that you select the Regrind Product option.

If labor is required to refurbish the product, you must perform these setup tasks:

  1. Set up a regrind labor product.
  2. Link the regrind labor product to the regrind product in Product Warehouse Product Setup.