Setting up a product-specific unit conversion

If most of your products do not fit into identical unit conversions, you must set them up separately. During transaction entry functions, Product Extended Unit Conversion Setup records are checked first to determine if a unit conversion exists. If it does, the unit conversion on the record is used to determine the correct price and cost. If it does not exist, SA Table Code Value Setup records are checked.

  1. Select Product > Setup > Extended Unit Conversion.
  2. Click New.
  3. Specify the product for which you are creating a unit conversion.
  4. Specify a user-defined code to identify this unit.
  5. If you use EDI, specify the EDI unit of measure.

    Specify a value from the ANSI X12 Standards manual.

  6. Select Multiple or Fraction for the Conversion Type.
  7. Specify the number of stocking units in the unit.
    • If you selected Multiple as the conversion type, specify the number by which to multiply the product’s stocking unit.
    • If you selected Fraction, specify the value by which to divide the product’s stocking unit.
  8. Click Save.