Setting up a remote printer

Default printers and printer groups for users with access to Distribution SX.e are set up in SA Operator Setup. Default printers for Storeroom warehouses are set up in Product Warehouse Description Setup. The setups determine which printers are available in Storeroom to print documents such as these:

  • Purchase orders for open backorders
  • Count quantity recalculations
  • Cycle count sheet reprints
  • Cycle count and inventory reconciliation reports

Operator settings take precedence over warehouse settings. If you specify default printer on an operator record, that printer is displayed in the Printer field in Storeroom. If you do not specify a default printer for an operator, the default printer from the warehouse record is displayed.

A printer lookup is available if you specify a printer group in SA Operator Setup. If you specify a printer group on the operator record, printers that are assigned to that printer group are displayed in the lookup.

Note: For the operator’s default printer and printer group to display in Storeroom, the SR.ERPUser role must be assigned to the user.

To set up printers for standard, non-form printing:

  1. Select System Administrator > Setup > Printer Group.
  2. Create a record for each printer group.
  3. Select System Administrator > Setup > Printer.
  4. Create a record for each printer.
    Specify a printer group, if applicable. See the printer manufacturer’s documentation for specific print code settings that must be applied.
  5. Select System Administrator > Setup > Operator.
  6. Select the operator records to edit, and then click Next.
  7. Specify a default printer and printer group, and then click Save.
  8. Select Product > Setup > Warehouse Description.
  9. Select the Storeroom warehouse record to edit.
  10. Click Storeroom.
  11. Specify a default printer in the Storeroom Printer field.
  12. Click Save.