The Storeroom application is a business model that you can use to manage your industrial customers’ indirect material and machine supplies. It monitors the warehouse spaces that are set up for a customer within the customer's facility or your facility. Storeroom-managed warehouses can be set up to manage inventory for tool cribs, industrial vending machines, maintenance repairs, and operations inventory.

Storeroom has separate functions that control setups, issues and returns, inventory movement, cycle counting, receiving, and tool repair and regrind. You can make transactions on site. You can record inventory adjustments, move inventory to and from unavailable quantities, and transfer products between warehouses. You can track inventory within a managed warehouse by bin locations, serial numbers, and lot numbers. You can also set up and track employees, departments, machines, and GL numbers.

Each warehouse that is managed by Storeroom is designated as a managed warehouse in Distribution SX.e. Each managed warehouse is associated with a customer or ship to, and exists only to manage their Storeroom location, tool crib, vending machine, or repair inventory. All invoices, issues, and receipts that are generated for products in managed warehouses are associated with the customer or ship to. Typically, multiple Storeroom warehouses are maintained for each customer.