Record status

When you create records in Storeroom, they maintain an active status until you manually inactivate them by clearing the Active option in Edit mode. When you search for records in Storeroom Setups menu, only active records are displayed.

To view inactive records, change the filter in the Active column. You can show active records, inactive records, or both. If you attempt to create a record that already exists as an inactive record, an error message is displayed. If you create a record with a dependency on another record that is no longer active, you receive a warning.

For example, if you create an Employee record and the default department or warehouse is inactive, this message is displayed: This employee has a default department that is not active.

When you perform a lookup in an entry function in Storeroom, only active records are listed.

Transactions that contain a master record store the record value after it is made inactive. For example, if an employee is inactivated but exists on an open issue, the employee ID is still displayed on the issue. If you create an issue in a warehouse where the default department was inactivated, the inactivated department does not display on the Issue Entry window. You must specify a new department if it is required.