Creating a customer product record

  1. Select Setups > Customer Product.
  2. Click New.
  3. Specify this information:
    Specify the warehouse product from Distribution SX.e.
    Customer Product
    Specify the customer’s product number for the product.
    Specify the unit of measure used to store, issue, and count this product in Storeroom.
    Customer GL
    Specify the customer’s general ledger account in which this product’s transactions are recorded.

    The value is saved to the GL Account # field on the corresponding Product Extended Product Cross Reference Setup record for informational purposes only. Customer GL account numbers from Storeroom do not correspond to GL account codes in Distribution SX.e.

    Last Price Paid
    The price that the customer last paid for the product.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click Manage Product Warehouse.
    An SX.API call automatically creates customer product records for all Storeroom warehouses, based on the warehouse product records in Distribution SX.e.
  6. Specify bin locations for the product in each warehouse:
    1. Click the drill down icon to open a warehouse record.
    2. Click Edit, and then click New.
    3. Specify the bin location and type.

      If the bin type is not location 1 or 2, leave the field blank. If you specify bin locations other than bin location 1 or 2, the additional locations are recorded in Product Additional Bin Location Setup in Distribution SX.e.

  7. Click Submit.