Customer Number records

Customer number records correspond to the Customer Setup records in Distribution SX.e. Customer number records are automatically created when the initial data load for the Location BOD is sent from Distribution SX.e during integration, or when these conditions are met:

  • A Product Warehouse Description Setup record for a Storeroom-managed is created in Distribution SX.e.
  • The customer is specified on a Product Warehouse Description Setup record.
  • A customer number record for the customer that is associated with the warehouse record does not already exist in Storeroom.

If you do not specify a customer on a new warehouse record before you save it, manually create a customer number record in Storeroom. To ensure that transactions are recorded in the correct company, you must specify a company on each customer number record.

In Storeroom, you can edit an existing warehouse record to change the description.

To enable a user to access a customer in Storeroom, you must specify the customer number on the user's record.

See Assigning customers to users.