Storeroom access

Storeroom user records are automatically provisioned, based on the Storeroom roles that are assigned to user records in Infor Ming.le. When an Infor Ming.le user record with Storeroom roles is saved, a Sync.SecurityUserMaster BOD is generated to create the user record in Storeroom. The roles that were assigned in Infor Ming.le are displayed on the user record in Storeroom.

To enable a user to access Storeroom through Infor Ming.le, you must complete these tasks:

  1. Assign Storeroom roles and accounting entities to users in Infor Ming.le.

    See Storeroom roles.

  2. Assign customers to users in Storeroom.

If you add or remove a Storeroom role from a user record in Infor Ming.le, the Storeroom user record is updated when you save the Infor Ming.le user record. If you remove all Storeroom roles from an Infor Ming.le user record, the Storeroom user record is deleted.