Bill on Receipt products

Bill on receipt (BOR) products are products that you bill your customer for when the products are received in a Storeroom warehouse. You define BOR products in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Storeroom.

Because these products are not usually stocked as distributor-owned inventory, they are sold to the customer when they are received. A BOR sales order is created automatically with a zero price and cost when a BOR product is processed through these functions:

  • Purchase Receipt of Inventory Entry
  • Transfer Receipt of Inventory Entry
  • Recovery Billing

The selling price for which you bill your customers for BOR products is calculated using one of these values:

  • Product price

    If you include your cost to maintain your customers' BOR inventory in the price of each product, you must create pricing records for BOR products in PD Pricing Setup. Standard Distribution SX.e pricing logic is then used to determine the price of the BOR products, based on the pricing records. Product price is the default amount for selling price.

  • Product cost

    If you charge your customers a flat fee to maintain their BOR inventory, you can set the selling price to the cost on the sales order line. Select the Bill on Receipt Priced at Line Cost option in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom to bill at cost and prevent standard pricing logic from occurring. You are not required to set up PD Pricing Setup records, but you must manually bill your customers for the flat fee.

If Bill on Receipt or Both is selected for the Auto Invoice Shipped Orders field in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom, the sales order is automatically invoiced.

To make BOR products available for sale, the product quantity is immediately moved from the distributor-owned Received balance to the customer-owned On Hand balance. If required, the Action to Take on Completion of Receiving setting in SA Administrator Options-Documents-Sales Orders-Back Orders is overridden to perform the inventory update.

Because the customer is invoiced immediately, addon charges from your vendor are not included on the invoice for the original order. If Include Addons is selected for Mark Up From in SA Administrator Options-Products-Costs, the addons costs are included in updates to the costs. You can view the costs in Product Warehouse Product Setup. The addon costs are passed on to the customer in subsequent sales.

If No is selected in the Auto Invoice Shipped Orders field, these reports must be manually run to move the BOR product to the customer-owned On Hand balance:

  • Sales Entry Processing Invoice Processing Report
  • Sales Entry Processing Back Order Fill Report