Employee records

Set up Employee records to identify and track employees on Storeroom transactions and inventory movements. When an employee is specified on transaction, the calculated amounts are used to track daily amounts, monthly amounts, and amount limits for the employee.

You can identify the individual as an employee of the distributor, and can assign a default department, warehouse, and supervisor. Supervisor information is for reference only. Supervisors do not affect Storeroom workflows.

To associate an employee with a user, you must specify the email address from a user record on the employee record. The email address on the user record is email address that is used to access Infor Ming.le.

Note: A user can view the distributor costs for products in functions throughout Storeroom only if the employee that the user is associated with is active and these conditions are met:
  • The Distributor option is selected.
  • The Distribution SX.e user ID is specified in the ERP operator field.

When you create or maintain another user’s employee record, the settings are not effective until the user performs these steps:

  1. Signs out and signs back in to Storeroom.
  2. Refreshes the screen using the web browser, or closes the web browser tab and opens in a new tab.

If you maintain your own Employee record, the changes take effect immediately.