Importing employee records

You can import employee records into Storeroom, instead of creating them manually. Specify the data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is saved as a CSV file. Optionally, you can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to create the file.

This table shows the format that is required for file. You must specify each header name as it is shown in the order that it is shown. If you are adding employees with supervisor status, list them in the import file before the employees that they supervise. Only these values are required to create a record:

  • Employee ID
  • Email address
  • First and last name
Column Header name Accepted data values
A EmployeeID User-defined value
B DefaultDepartment Existing department
C Email Email address from the employee's Infor Ming.le user record
D Supervisor True or false
E Distributor True or false
F ViewPrice True or false
G PrintPricePickticket True or false
H NonStockTransLimit Numerical
I DailyTransactionLimit Numerical
J MonthlyTransactionLimit Numerical
K TransactionLimit Numerical
L TransactionOverrideLimit True or false
M FirstName User-defined value
N LastName User-defined value
O ProjectRequired True or false
P WorkorderRequired True or false
Q MachineRequired True or false
R ErpOperator User ID for Distribution SX.e
S DefaultWarehouse Existing warehouse
T ActiveStatus True or false
Note: If you do not specify a value, the record is active by default.
U LimitIssueEmployeeSelection True or false
V AllowBackorder True or false
W AllowedWarehouses * One or more existing warehouses
X AllowedDepartments * One or more existing departments
Y Supervisors* One or more existing employees with supervisor status

* To import multiple values, use the pipe symbol (|) to separate each value. For example, Whse01|Whse02|Whse03.