Assigning security roles to users

Assign the Storeroom roles to the appropriate users. User records must be set up in Infor Ming.le User Management.

See the Infor Ming.le online help or refer to the information about configuring user access in the Infor CloudSuite Distribution Configuration Guide or the Infor Distribution SX.e Configuration Guide for Infor Operating Service.

  1. In Infor Ming.le, select User Menu > User Management.
  2. Select a user who will use Storeroom.
  3. Click Security Roles.
  4. Click Add new item.
  5. In the Select Security Roles window, select the Storeroom roles to assign to the user.
  6. Click Add & Close, and then click Save item.
  7. Click Accounting Entities.
  8. Click Add new item.
  9. In the Select Accounting Entities window, select the accounting entities to assign to the user.

    The accounting entities represent the companies that the user can access in Storeroom and Distribution SX.e.

  10. Click Add & Close, and then click Save item.