Integrating Storeroom with a vending machine application

You can integrate Storeroom with a third-party vending machine application to automatically create issues in Storeroom. The integration uses ION API to consume REST Storeroom services. The vending machine application must be able to send JSON files to the web service.

A JSON file containing the data for one or more issues is sent from the vending machine to the REST service target location, /vendingMachine/file. The data is validated against fields in the Storeroom database. If the data for an issue passes validation, the issue is automatically created in Storeroom. If the data does not pass validation, you must manually correct and submit the issue in the Storeroom Import function.

Perform these tasks to integrate the products:

  • Create a backend service account for the vending machine application in ION API.
  • Configure the vending machine application to invoke the web service.

    Use this target signature:

    @RequestMapping(value = "/file", method = RequestMethod.POST, consumes = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
    public String importFile(HttpSession session, @RequestBody String jsonString) {
  • Optionally, review the warehouse records.

    Ensure that the records are set up to facilitate the integration. If you set up a warehouse record for each vending machine, you can use the warehouse value to search for sales orders in Sales Order Inquiry.