Reporting on Bill on Receipt products

You can extract Bill on Receipt (BOR) data from Distribution SX.e to Infor Data Lake, and then use the data to report on BOR products using Birst.

For information about data extraction to Data Lake, see the Infor CloudSuite Distribution Configuration Guide. For information about creating reports in Birst, see Birst online help.

You can report on this data:

  • Classification of Bill on Receipt (BOR) orders and lines

    Bill on Receipt (BOR) orders and lines are classified in Distribution SX.e database. These flags are used in the database to identify sales orders and sales order lines with BOR products:

    • srautoborfl: Indicates that the sales order was automatically created to bill customers for BOR products that were acquired through a purchase order or warehouse transfer. The flag is used in the OEEH table.
    • srborfl: Indicates that the BOR product on the line was issued to the customer in Storeroom. The flag is used in the OEEL table.

    The flags are not visible in Distribution SX.e but are included in Sales Order Master List Report output.

  • Price and cost for issued BOR products

    When a BOR product is issued, the price and cost of the product that is saved to the Distribution SX.e database is zero. Optionally, you can select the Calculate and Save System Price option in SA Administrator Options-Documents-Sales Orders-Entry Settings to calculate the selling price, using the Distribution SX.e pricing hierarchy. The calculated selling price is not applied to the sales order line but it is saved, along with other values such as cost, to the database. The data is saved to the OEEL table. You can then use Birst to compare the calculated price or cost to amount that you billed the customer upon receipt of the product.

    This table shows the values that are saved to the database when you select Calculate and Save System Price:

    Field name Data Type Contents
    systemcontractno Character Contract number (pdsc.contractno) on the pricing record
    systemeffectivedate Date Start date (pdsc.priceeffectivedate) on the pricing record
    systempdcostamt Decimal Returned PD cost
    systempdcostty Character Returned PD Cost Type
    systempdscrecid Integer Record number (pdsc.pdrecno) on the pricing record
    systemprice Decimal Calculated price
    systempriceonamount Decimal Assigned price based on the oeel.systempriceonty, which is calculated using one of these values:
    • Base price on the warehouse product record
    • List price on the warehouse product record
    • Cost values on the pricing record
    systempriceonty Character One of these values on the pricing record:
    • 'AMT' if the price type (pdsc.prctype) is % Percent.
    • Based on (pdsc.priceonty) value
    systempricesheet Character Price sheet (pdsc.pricesheet) on the pricing record
    systemrefer Character Reference (pdsc.refer) on the pricing record