Today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment demands complete, accurate, and accessible data from the shop floor. Infor MES delivers the right information at the right time to everyone from the shop floor to the top floor, providing precise and actionable intelligence in an integrated enterprise solution.

These are the key capabilities of Infor MES:

  • Digital transformation by integrating with your ERP and plant equipment to digitize your shop floor and automate data collection
  • Transform the operator experience with real-time visibility and control to drive productivity and efficiency of shop floor users
  • Improve operational performance with built-in best practices that enable error proofing and systematic enforcement of business processes to improve quality
  • 24/7 resilience by being independent from your ERP whilst seamlessly synchronizing with it
  • Fast time-to-value with out-of-the box and easy to configure features to deploy solutions and deliver ROI faster, whilst reducing costs
  • For medium to large enterprises offering multi-site roll out it enables standardization of cross-plant reporting, utilizing global master data

Because of the visibility it provides on operations, Infor MES can open doors on opportunities for your improvement projects which might seem unthinkable if you currently have a manual system in place.