Supplier Exchange

Infor Supplier Exchange is an advanced, web-enabled supply chain management solution that supports effective collaboration with your suppliers and efficient execution.

It helps you to reduce supply chain costs and inventory, and to increase operational efficiency. Supplier Exchange provides visibility over your supply chain, streamlines your communications with partners, and creates powerful, real-time data connections.

Supplier Exchange includes these features:

  • Supply chain management

    Event management, alerts, supplier fulfillment, shipping, receiving, payment, outside processing, premium freight, global track and trace (GTT) and document management.

  • Automotive and discrete replenishment

    Procurement methods: onboarding of new suppliers, requests for quotation (RFQs), supplier-managed inventory (SMI), releases, purchase orders (POs), proposed purchase orders, eKanban, and supplier invoices.

    Supplier fulfillment: advanced shipping notices (ASNs), bar code labels, shipping documentation.

  • Supplier performance

    Supplier ratings, supplier action plans, corrective action, root cause, defective material notices (DMNs), delivery performance reviews (DPRs), and production part approval processes (PPAPs).

  • International features

    Support for multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Supplier Exchange with LN CE offers these additional capabilities:

  • Event management and alerts
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Global track and trace
  • Defective material notices
  • Production part approval process
  • Delivery performance reviews
  • Parts per million
  • Premium freight
  • Outside processing
  • Replenishment strategies