Cloud readiness must apply to the extensibility options that you specify.

The Extensions ready for Cloud parameter determines whether governors are activated that govern your extensions. Consequently, upgradeability to new versions of the solution is guaranteed, no infrastructure data is revealed, and other customers are not affected by your extensions.

Together, these governors guarantee that your extensions work in the Cloud:

  • LN Public Interfaces

    Extensions can call only LN Public Interfaces, previously known as trusted functions or LN APIs. See the Infor LN Public Interfaces and Process Extensions Reference Guide in KB article 2003722 on the Infor Support Portal for information about the Public Interfaces that are available.

  • Performance

    Extensions must not affect the infrastructure. For example, the run time or amount of data written to the file system is restricted for extensions.

  • File system

    Extensions can be written only to specific folders and cannot have all file extensions. For example, writing a file with an “.exe” file extension is not allowed.

  • Best practices

    Extensions must comply with several database rules. As a general rule, do not use standard components.

See the Infor LN Extensions Development Guide, for detailed information about cloud readiness and governance.