Extending the solution

Administrators can extend your solution by using extensibility options. You use these options to add or modify core application functionality.

Without direct access to the application database,source code, underlying system objects, or servers hosting the application, you can use extensibility options to change user interfaces, data models, business logic, reports, analytics, and integration points. These extensibility options use a shared set of computing resources and provide full upgradability, manageability, and isolation throughout the application lifecycle.

This table shows the types of extensibility options that are available for this solution:

Type Description Examples
Personalize Modify the look, feel, and flow of an application Themes, labels, titles, navigation, accessibility, help, and branding
Tailor Modify elements in an application New fields in existing tables, report layouts, objects, functions, properties, default values
Extend Add new application functionality, including new logic, screens, or data New UI elements and non-UI elements, including tables and business objects
Integrate Add new integration components BODs, Web Services