Infor LN CE provides 2000 native standard reports, which cannot be modified but can be personalized using the Infor LN Report Designer.

These options are available to modify reports:

  • Design modifications, such as changing the look and feel of the reports including static or dynamic images and multiple industry standard barcode types.
  • Addition of CDFs to the reports and of other fields from the LN CE database that are not yet printed on the report. A simple Report Extension must be added to the LN CE native report to make the additional fields available for the LN Report Designer.
  • Routing options, as provided by Infor Document Output Management. These options determine where or to whom the reports are sent.

With the LN Report Designer, the design of a 4GL application report can be changed without modifying the standard report or using an external reporting solution. The changes are stored as personalizations, and can be found in the Report Personalizations (ttadv9507m000) session. Similar to other personalizations, you can copy them to another user, a personalization or DEM role, or to the company level. To deploy approved personalizations from one environment to another, report personalizations can be exported and imported. When you print a report, the most specific personalization is used.

The LN Report Designer can also be used to generate new reports that are based on a selection of fields from the application data model. These new reports are generated in the extensibility package of LN CE. After generation, you can personalize these reports in the LN Report Designer.

See the Infor LN Report Designer Development Guide for information about how to use the Infor LN Report Designer.

See the Infor LN Document Output Management User Guide for information about how to use Document Output Management.