These options are used to modify the look, feel, and flow of an application. Users must be granted permissions to access these features.

On-site administrators can choose which users have access to LN CE personalization options.

Personalization options can be assigned on these levels for end users:

  • Company
  • Role
  • User

This table shows the options that are available for personalization by end users:

Personalization Description
Conditional formatting Format (grid) rows or individual fields based on user-defined conditions
Field location Move fields within a tab on the same screen
Display or hide fields Hide or unhide fields
Mandatory fields Require input of data in specific fields
Label change Edit field label descriptions to more meaningful values
Color change Change the color of field labels to emphasize importance
Saved filters Save data filters and optionally set a default filter
Toolbar modification Reorder or remove toolbar buttons, or add commands by using custom buttons
Menu modification Display or hide application menu items
Saving defaults Save the values specified in a dialog. Next time the dialog is displayed, the saved values are used
Quick flow Suppress a dialog that has saved default values
Export to Excel Export a selection of fields to an Excel spreadsheet and use as preset
Suppress messages Suppress informational messages
Suppress questions Suppress question prompts using a preset answer

The gear icon, which is available in standard LN CE screens, is used to make personalizations.

See the Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in User Guide (LN UI) for information about how to make personalizations.