Supply Chain Planning

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is a software platform containing these modules:

  • Infor Integrated Business Planning for creating a balance between demand and supply.
  • Demand Planning for creating a statistical forecast and optimizing safety stock policy.
  • Production Scheduling for creating a multi-level sequence for production resources and tanks.
  • Supply Planning for creating a cost-optimized and constrained allocation of the supply side of the business.

LN CE is integrated with the Demand Planning component of Infor SCP.

Demand Planning

With an approach based on innovative technology and sophisticated time series forecasting methods and machine learning, Demand Planning simplifies and accelerates your forecasting process.

Extensive industry-specific templates support fast and cost-effective implementation. Demand Planning helps create accurate demand plans rapidly, collaborate and monitor the effectiveness of existing plans, set inventory targets, and optimize operating goals to meet demand, ensuring higher service levels at lower cost.