Using the Contact Detail View

Use the Detail view to see, add, or edit information for a selected record. The Detail view consists of information boxes, tabs, and a user-defined middle section.

Note: The security access determines what functions are available. Contact the administrator for any access rights changes.

To open the Contact Detail view, on the Navigation Bar, click Contacts to open the contact list view. If required use the lookup to find a contact and then click the contact name.

On this page you can:

The Task Pane contains the Common Tasks section. In this section, you can:

The Task Pane contains the Contact tasks section. In this section, you can:

Information Fields

The contact information boxes contain the primary information about the contact. Users with appropriate permissions can edit these boxes.

Additional information may be available if your implementation includes a Back Office Extension. This information is for display only and must be added or edited in the integrated application. For specific questions please refer to the documentation for the integrated application or contact the administrator.

Contact Detail View Tabs

The lower section contains the default Contact Detail view tabs. Each tab shows specific information you can use for contact related activities. Click a link to see more information about each tab.

User Defined Section

You can drag and drop tabs into the user defined middle section.

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