Configuring the in-context application

  1. In Infor Ming.le, select Admin Settings > Manage Content/Utility Apps.
  2. Click Add Context/Utility App.
  3. Specify this information:
    Select Context App.
    Specify a name. The name will display on the toolbar label of the in-context application.
    Specify a description for the in-context application.

    Specify the url that defines where the contextual application is hosted. Specify the url in this format:

    https://<homepages url>/lime?widgetid=<widget id>

    To find the homepages URL, go to the Homepages application in the Application Switcher. Right-click anywhere in the Homepages and select Inspect (in Chrome browser) to find the html element iframe. The src attribute of this element has the correct URL for the given environment and tenant.

  4. Select the Applications tab to select the application to which the in-context application is applied.
  5. Go to the target application and confirm the configured in-context application is displayed in the right panel.
    See Infor Ming.le Cloud Edition Online Help User Guide to manage the in-context application appearance on the page.