Infor Coleman AI Platform uses machine-learning techniques to provide predictions based on data retrieved from your business applications.

Machine learning uses programmed algorithms that analyze input data to produce a model that predicts outcomes for a specific business case. As new data is processed through the algorithm, models learn to optimize their operations and improve performance, gradually providing more accurate predictions.

Coleman AI Platform can forecast outcomes and future business tendencies and behavior. Coleman AI Platform learns from observations, identifies patterns in data, and explores different options and possibilities. These predictions and forecasts can further advance in optimization and automation of business processes.

You can use Coleman AI Platform to interactively explore data, transform it, develop, train, test and compare machine-learning models. Then you can choose and deploy the most efficient and most accurate model for your needs. You can evaluate model metrics, retrain and redeploy new versions of the model, while tracking its performance.

Pre-built and pre-configured machine learning algorithms and data-handling modules are available. Business users with basic or modest knowledge of data science and machine learning can benefit from using the platform.