Importing data from Infor Data Lake

You can upload delimited files from Infor Data Lake. These are the supported file formats:

  • CSV: comma-separated values
  • DSV: delimiter-separated values, using a custom delimiter
  • NDJSON: newline delimited JSON

See the Infor ION Desk User Guide for information on Data Lake, Data Lake flows, and the Data Catalog. See the Infor ION Development Guide - Cloud Edition for information on Data Lake APIs, Data Catalog, and the Data Lake JDBC driver.

You can find the documents in the product documentation section of the Infor Support Portal, as described in "Contacting Infor."

To import data from the Data Lake:

  1. Click Add on the Overview page to import data.
  2. Select Infor Data Lake.
  3. Specify a Name and Description for the dataset.
    These are the valid characters for Dataset Name: A-Za-z0-9@#$&:[]-`.+, "s_
  4. Select the data import method:
    • Filter: choose and upload by document name from the Infor Data Lake repository. Specify a date range.
    • SQL Query: Load data from Infor Data Lake by specifying a query and mocking the execution of a query.
  5. Click Preview to display the first 100 rows of the selected dataset.
  6. Go to the Metadata section to view the columns of the file.
    The header and data type are automatically defined based on the definitions in the Infor Data Catalog. You cannot edit the metadata in this section.
    You can edit the metadata when you are building the quest. To edit the metadata, select the Edit Metadata activity from the Prepare Data catalog.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Load Data.
    The data is converted into a usable format for further processing.
  9. Select Statistics to view statistics for the loaded dataset.