Creating a workflow

You can create a workflow to update the model.

  1. Navigate to ION Desk and select Monitors & Workflows > Workflows.
  2. Click Add on the overview page to create a new workflow.
  3. Specify Name and Description.
  4. Drag and drop one or multiple Coleman Tasks from the toolbox into the flow.
  5. Configure the Coleman Task parameters.
    1. Select one of these task actions from the drop-down menu:
      Note: Include all four of these Coleman task actions in this sequence order and all with reference to one particular quest.
      • Reload Datasets: This action will reload data from Infor Data Lake.
      • Retrain Model
      • Update Production Quest
      • Redeploy Endpoint
    2. Select the quest by name from the drop-down menu or specify a workflow parameter that contains the quest name.
    3. Specify the ION API service account for the task execution. Click Import and select the file for upload. Click OK.
    4. To validate the configuration, select the Test tab and execute a test.
    5. Select the Settings tab and specify how to handle errors.
  6. Save and activate the workflow.