Selecting activities for the production quest

After the model is trained, scored, evaluated inside the training quest, and has run successfully, you can choose the activities that correspond to the best solution for the problem you are trying to solve. The status is Finished when the quest has been run successfully.

  1. Select a quest.
  2. Select the check mark on the boxes of the activities that you want to move to production.
    A blue check mark indicates that the activities have been selected.
  3. Save the quest.
  4. Click Production Quest to create the production quest with the selected activities.
  5. Select one of these options:
    • Batch to deploy the trained model and quest as a data pipeline for batch transformation jobs.
    • Realtime to continue with model deployment as a REST API for real-time consumption.
    Note:  You can continue to retrain and update the model from the training to the production phase. When updated, the previous version of the production quest is overwritten.